Graduated from the “National College for computer Sciences (ENSI)” Engineering School, Tunisia in 1999. Z. BOUZIRI started his career as a software engineer for an international start-up (Proof9 - Finatech Tunisie). He was in charge of designing and developing software that gives investors the ability to select between a vast selection of investment strategies and run simulation on these strategies.

In September 2001, he has been part of Alcatel R&D Department as research engineer. He was in charge of design and development of the Alcatel Management Application Platform "ALMAP", and essentially the ELM "Event and Log Management" generic component which is responsible for logging and forwarding events in the Network.

Since 2003, he was a consultant for several Tunisian companies, Associate Professor (Maitre de conférence Technologue) at the Higher Institute of Technologies in Charguia and IPv6, Linux and Networking/security trainer with the Academic Agency for Francophonie.

Zied Bouziri is Co-Author of three Linux Certification Books for System Administrators.